Binding Supplies

Binding Supplies

Finding the right binding style can be tough. There are lots of options with a wide range of applications from annual reports to swatch books to photo albums. Coil, comb, wire, tape (Fastback), Chicago screws, and loose-leaf rings are just a few popular choices. Our easy-select binding guide below helps you choose the best binding supplies for your needs based on the look you want to achieve. Hover over the style to see a bound book and click to shop the selection of binding styles we offer. You can find the machines and supplies you need for any style here at MyBinding. Learn more about your options by visiting our binding styles pages below.

Ring Binders

We carry a full range of ring binders for every need. Clearview binders that let you slide in a cover sheet, poly binders that offer extreme durability, and more. We stock letter size and half size mini binders, plus different brands and a huge selection of colored binders too. Click below to see our full collection.

Browse our large collection of index tab dividers to help you stay organized in a practical and professional way. We have dozens of tab styles so you can find the perfect fit for your unique needs. If our blank tabs or printed tabs are not what you’re looking for, consider custom printed tabs made in the USA. 

Five assorted index tabs, from printable copier tabs, custom index tabs, preprinted index dividers.

Binding Paper

Binding paper makes bookbinding easier by eliminating the need to punch your pages. These pre-punched papers come in a large variety of options, including different punching patterns for coil, comb, wire, and more, plus different thicknesses. You can also stock up on unpunched plain paper or half-size sheets for your mini booklets and planners.

Book Binding Styles

Want to bind hardcover books in-house? Browse our variety of book binding styles that create a more traditional book feel through perfect back binding or thermal binding. Ideal for photo books, yearbooks, and impressive presentations, choosing this binding method always offers a premium finish.

Custom Binding Supplies

Stand out from the crowd with beautiful custom binding supplies. Personalize your presentations with spines that have your logo and website, special size spines for unique books, and foil stamped hard covers that are sure to impress.
No presentation is quite complete without a pair of report covers. These front and back covers are available in a large selection of options, including the popular clear front covers and vinyl backings. Linen, poly, and much more are also available, and we can make custom printed report covers with your company information upon request.

Booklet Binding Supplies

Booklet binding is one of the oldest and most universal ways to bind together pages. It is accomplished with either a saddle stitching machine or a saddle stapler. You can find all of the booklet making supplies you need for both methods below.

Shop by Brand

We are partnered with some of the best brand name binding supplies companies in the world. Shop the bindings available from GBC, James Burn, Renz, Coverbind, and more below.
Clearance Binding Supplies

MyBinding is one of the most popular and trusted binding supplies providers in the USA. Our comprehensive collection covers the entire range of binding styles and types, so you can bind not only your booklets, but your presentations, photobooks, journals, calendars, and more.

We also know that sometimes large collections like this can be challenging to navigate. After all, how can you choose between the various options? Below we will provide a brief overview of each kind of binding style so you can make an informed decision on the best binding supplies for your needs.

Coil binding is a single piece of plastic that is spiraled into a coil from end-to-end. They are rolled through tightly spaced round or oval holes. It is incredibly durable with impressive bounce-back and comes in a huge selection of colors (+ custom colors). Coil bound books can flip 360 degrees.

Comb is one of the most affordable binding methods. Made from plastic, this single piece has “teeth” that roll into punched rectangular holes. They can be opened and closed over and over again, and the spines can be custom printed on, making them a great choice for those who may need to edit their document or want to personalize the spine.

Wire-O binding (or twin-loop binding) is a top-quality spine that has double loops inserted into usually square holes. The metal looks higher end than plastic alternatives and allows for perfect registration of your pages, makng it one of the best binding supplies for quality presentations.

Fastback is the most common brand name for tape binding. It uses heat to thermal bind a tape strip to the spine of a book. The strip is made of a fabric and comes in different finishes to pair great with report covers.

VeloBind and SureBind, also called legal binding, are most commonly used by court reporters and law firms. This is because of its innate tamper-proof bind. Heat is used to melt two pieces of plastic together around your pages, creating a secure bind that is very difficult to undue without damaging the book. Velo also allows for thick binding up to 3” stacks.

ProClick is a fun binding solution that looks a bit like plastic coil and wire combined. It allows for easy editing of your book as often as you need. You can use them with a machine or by hand with just a zipper tool.

Screw post or Chicago screw binding is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to bind using a hole punch, instead of a binding machine. You can use one, two, three, or more along the binding edge. They come in a huge selection of colors and lengths up to 5” and extensions can also be added for even longer. Completely editable and reusable, screw posts are a popular loose binding option.

Ring binding is another popular option. This can refer to standard ring binders or loose rings not attached to any spine. We offer a huge selection of ring binders and loose leaf book rings to suit your needs.

Metal binding is unique alternative to traditional punch-and-bind, as they require no punching. When paired with a MasterBind machine, these spines are punched around your pages to hold them together; no glue or punching needed.

Spiral-O is just like Wire-O binding, but with further spaced loops to fit into a comb punch hole pattern. This is a great way for those with a comb binding machine to add wire bound documents to their batches. All you need is a wire closer to finish them.

Thermal binding supplies are a great choice for anyone who wants the ultimate professional report. Choose from soft cover and hard cover options, all that can be bound incredibly quickly using Coverbind, Fellowes, or your other compatible thermal binding machine.

Custom binding supplies are the perfect choice if you want to personalize your presentation. Combs, tape strips, and thermal covers can all be printed on with your report name, company information, and more. Standard spines like wire, coil, and comb can be custom cut to special lengths.

Binding styles comparison chartBinding styles comparison chart

¹ Can be edited a limited number of times before a new binding is needed. Varies depending on several factors. ² Depending on ring binding style. ³ Based on 20 lb. Bond; varies depending on paper type.

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